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Tuesday March 31, 2020
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E2Track means EnergyTrack and EnvironmentalTrack - MCE's interactive web-based information tools. Our clients subscribe to either or both.

MCE EnergyTrack centrally collects and monitors usage, costs, supply-contract performances and budget variances for electricity, steam, water, natural gas and fuel oil. These analytical tools help clients understand how a building uses energy and how that usage can be cost-effectively controlled. Our budget module lets clients create and modify energy/utility budgets as necessary. MCE EnergyTrack is easy to navigate and extremely versatile. It can be customized to meet each client's requirements.

EnergyTrack Features:

  • Energy supply contract performance metrics
  • Degree day data tracking
  • Automatic alerts to usage and cost anomalies for timely response
  • Technical and financial energy information reports
  • Electricity and steam load profiling
  • Benchmarking based on property profiles
  • Budgets and variance reporting tools
  • Exporting of data to satisfy clients' participation in the EPA EnergyStar Program

MCE EnvironmentalTrack lets clients track all components of their carbon footprint. As part of our Green Initiatives program, it calculates and displays direct and indirect emissions associated with the operations of an individual property, portfolio or company. It also reports all emission sources contributing to the total carbon footprint, including energy, travel, waste, paper, HCFCs, and others. And MCE EnvironmentalTrack provides an audit trail for compliance. We help clients satisfy environmental reporting as required by their own criteria and/or by the International Standards Organization, GHG Protocol and EPA Climate Leaders.

EnvironmentalTrack Features:

  • Green power purchases and associated environmental benefits
  • Automatic tracking of a property's environmental footprint
  • Direct and indirect emissions tracking
  • Carbon/emissions forecasting
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