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Tuesday March 31, 2020
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Market Update
Market Indicators
Commodity Price Change % 12-Month Trend
WTI CRUDE PROMPT ($/bbl) 50.92 2.63
EUROPE BRENT SPOT PRICE FOB ($/barrel) 55.67 -2.43
NATURAL GAS PROMPT ($/MMBtu) 2.89 2.08
No. 2 HEATING OIL PROMPT ($/gal.) 1.76 1.14
NYISO - Zone J Day-Ahead Electricity ($/kWh) 37.79 2.94
NEPOOL - Mass Hub Average Day-Ahead Electricity ($/MWH) 47.27 13.81
 Last updated: Wed, Oct 11 2017, 08:59 AM EDT


Highly productive
(Financial Times) Until a few weeks ago Callum Saunders tiny east London balcony was packed with planters - but not only ones containing flowers or herbs. In an experiment to see just what edible produce he could grow at his small flat in Hackney he filled small containers with rocket plants, lettuces, carrots and runner bean and tomato vines, documenting his micro-agricultural activities on a blog: londonvegetablegarden.blogspot.com.

A Gold Rush In Green Technology
(Bloomberg Businessweek) Like bright sunshine charging up solar panels, investor fervor is fueling the market for public offerings of green companies. Electric automaker Tesla Motors, U.S. green energy producer Ameresco, and Spains T-Solar have filed to go public, and many more are waiting in the wings. Theres renewed appetite for green IPOs, says Luigi Ferraris, chief financial officer of Italian utility Enel, which plans to sell a minority stake of its renewables subsidiary Enel Green Power for $5.4 billion by the end of the year. That would be Europes largest listing since 2007.

Green myths debunked
(Fortune) Americans gulp down 28.5 gallons of bottled water per capita each year discarding billions of plastic containers. Its convenient sure but is it healthier than plain old tap water?

Nine-year wind farm fight splits Cape Cod

Forecasters predict rise in US hurricanes
(Financial Times) A pair of veteran forecaster yesterday predicted that more hurricanes than usual would form over the Atlantic this summer, potentially affecting commodity markets from oil and natural gas to orange juice.

Texas Oil Firms Oppose California Climate Law
(New York Times) Several Texas oil companies are bankrolling a petition drive to suspend Californias path-breaking climate change law in a move that may prove a bellwether for national efforts to address global warming.

Eurozone recovery stalled at end of 2009
(Financial Times) The eurozone economic recovery stalled at the end of last year, according to revised official figures showing the 16-country region performed worse than previously reported.

Obama energy plan would open Atlantic and Gulf drilling
(CNN) President Obama unveiled plans Wednesday to open large swaths of U.S. coastal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to oil and natural gas drilling -- a move likely to please the energy industry but upset the administrations environmentalist supporters.

Senators form bipartisan climate bill
(Financial Times) Three senior US lawmakers are piecing together a sweeping bipartisan energy and climate bill, which looks set to include sweeteners to galvanise support among Republicans and industry groups.

Natural Gas (Fuel of the Future)
(CNN) NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The world seems awash in natural gas. In the United States, new production from once hard-to-tap shale rock is booming in places like Texas, Louisiana and the Northeast. There are also plans to construct a mammoth gas pipeline through Canada to bring Alaskan North Slope gas to market...

Mixing In Some Carbon
(New York Times) MOSS LANDING, Calif. It seems like alchemy: a Silicon Valley start-up says it has found a way to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from coal and gas power plants and lock them into cement.

EPA May Track Emissions from Oil, Gas, Other Sectors
(Environmental Leader) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to collect emissions data from several additional industries, including the oil and gas sector as well as industries that emit fluorinated gases and facilities that inject and store carbon dioxide underground, as part of the governments national mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting system, reports the New York Times.

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Highly productive
Financial Times
A Gold Rush In Green Technology
Bloomberg Businessweek
Green myths debunked

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