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Tuesday March 31, 2020
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Since 1999, MCEnergy has been negotiating contracts with leading electricity, natural gas and fuel oil suppliers to provide reliable energy at competitive prices for our clients. We understand the dynamics of the energy markets and base our transactions on deep analysis.

By taking advantage of our purchasing power, MCE has lowered annual energy costs and protected our clients from the vagaries of the energy markets. Our analysts track historical and current trends and project them forward. We factor in macro and microeconomic and geopolitical issues as well as global and regional supply and demand trends. Because we continually watch the markets, we can time dips and layer in purchases. Over time, we manage the power purchases for our clients, matching each client's objectives to a buying strategy based on the client's risk tolerances and financial objectives.

And because we have a legal staff, we don't accept a supplier's standard contract; instead, we negotiate MCEnergy's version of that contract for each client's benefit. Our thoroughness has helped MCEnergy grow to be one of the largest independent power brokers.

Electricity, Gas and Oil
In states where electricity deregulation is in place - and everywhere for gas and fuel oil - MCEnergy works with clients to navigate the volatile energy market to procure and negotiate the most reliable competitive supply contracts. Our comprehensive PowerShopping process includes conducting market research, energy profiling, legal review of contracts, running the RFP process, bid analysis and presentation of financial implications of various pricing options.

MCEnergy keeps its pulse on the status of deregulation in each market throughout the country. When opportunity presents itself, MCE is informed, allowing our clients to avail themselves of these opportunities.

Green Power
For many of our clients, MCE buys power from wind, municipal waste gas, hydroelectric, solar and biomass sources. Although green power costs a premium, our aggregation program ensures competitive pricing. By purchasing green energy supply, our clients reduce their carbon footprint, thereby helping them achieve their sustainability goal.

Go Green - Reduce your carbon footprint with MCEnergy's Green Initiatives today!
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