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Tuesday March 31, 2020
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MCE offers revenue solutions to multi-tenant properties through SubMetering. We read meters electronically and manually so electricity and other utilities are accurately measured and properly billed on a timely basis.

SubMetering Services:

  • Reads meters both electronically and manually
  • Electronic invoices
  • Accurate summary and sales tax reporting
  • Comprehensive review of meter readings to ensure accuracy and integrity of the meters
  • Automated alerts to potential meter problems
  • Customized reporting

Our reporting is the most complete in the industry: our software tracks historical trends, analyzes and forecasts utility revenues and immediately alerts a client if consumption or cost recovery is changing. MCE's full range of metering services includes system design, installation, maintenance, read and billing services as well as customized profitability reporting.

By maximizing recovery of utility revenues, we help clients improve their bottom line.

Other Electricity Recovery Services:

  • Electric Rent Inclusion Adjustments Analysis:
    • Calculates rate changes and/or market adjustments to account for any increase or decrease to tenant electric charges
    • Provides customized letters to tenants explaining the adjustments, including supporting documentation regarding the method of the calculations

  • Tenant Electricity Recovery Forecasting:
    • Forecasts the expected electric revenue from both sub-metered and electric rent inclusion tenants
    • Forecasts are based on expected utility rate changes, changes in market conditions and building occupancy

  • Tenant Electricity Recovery Analysis:
    • Analyzes the electricity revenue stream from tenants and identifies any revenue gaps
    • Identifies anomalies and irregularities of usage and cost indices including cost/sq ft; kWh/sq ft; watts/sq ft; cost/kWh
    • Reports on a building-wide and tenant-by-tenant basis
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